Ray Atkins

Ray Atkins, a local attorney and former Assistant State's Attorney with over 30 years of experience advocating for his clients and the people of Maryland, is running for Congress from the 2nd Congressional District.

Ray believes the professional, career politicians now in power have set this country on a course of unsustainable debt and spending, overreaching government and unfair taxes that is hindering job creation and economic expansion.

He believes that a return to a more citizen focused Congress - the way our Founding Fathers intended, is the best and common sense way to address our challenges and solve our problems.

Why is now the time for change?

  • Congress' disapproval rating is at an all-time high...78%
  • Dutch Ruppersberger has been a big part of that Congress and for more than 7 years has voted time and again for unaffordable, budget busting programs and entitlements, higher taxes and job stifling legislation. Dutch Ruppersberger was there when these problems began and continues to make the problems worse. Dutch Ruppersberger's voting record shows his priorities lie with political party bosses and their legislative agenda and not the residents of the 2nd District.

Why is Ray Atkins the change we need?

Ray has worked with the people of the 2nd District for 30 years, guaranteeing them their legal rights and representing their interests on a variety of issues and concerns. Ray understands what it means to run a successful business, make a payroll and provide employment. Ray is not interested in making elected office a lifetime career.

He stands for common sense approaches and understands that the money spent by the government is our money and every program means more money out of our pockets. Ray knows the needs of the people of the 2nd District and will tirelessly represent their interests not the interests of the political elite.

Ray is a fiscally conservative Democrat that takes a realistic and compassionate approach to dealing with today's issues.

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